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Made with Icelandic Sheep Wool
Beth Abbot carding Icelandic wool

Most of the items on this page are made from fleece or yarn that were
produced from the Icelandic Sheep that are raised on the farm.


Lace shawl knitted with our cocoa Icelandic/mohair blend lace weight. Please if you know this gifted knitters name please let me know so I can credit her work.


                          DawnAnn sweater.jpg (60517 bytes)
Sweater hand spun and hand knit by fiber artist Dawn Ann

Maggi's purse.jpg (199993 bytes)

A felted fashion handbag 
with felted strap. 
Made by Maggie

Dawn Ann with Bag.jpg (86502 bytes) 
Dawn Ann and her bag made from moorit wool

wpe1.jpg (9381 bytes)

Childs hat by

Elizabeth Evans

 Janet and purse and ball.jpg (74774 bytes) 
Janet and the purse she made in 15 minutes. The ball is her first felt project.

Stone booties.jpg (91470 bytes) Stone booties made by Stefania.

Socks_Larissa.jpg (79286 bytes)
Handspun and hand knit
 by Laryssa 

Yvonne's sheep ornaments.jpg (68448 bytes) 
Yvonne's sheep ornaments made with wool from her Icelandic sheep.

felt bags.jpg (59484 bytes) 
Small purses by
 Sally Snider

Rx Hat stack.jpg (52035 bytes) 
Rex and stack of felt hats made from the spring clip

icelandic mittens two thumbs on each.jpg (71235 bytes) 
Mittens knitted in Iceland. The Icelanders knit their mittens with two thumbs. Wear one thumb out and turn it over!!!

wpe9.jpg (9874 bytes)
Lily Hat by 

Elizabeth Evans

Wall_hanging.jpg (57062 bytes)
Waneta Ruth and her hooked rug made with
 her roving

wpeB.jpg (9378 bytes)
Sunflower Hat by
Elizabeth Evans

wpeD.jpg (12083 bytes)
Julie and her hat

B_Covert_shall_detail.jpg (66947 bytes)
Betty Flannigan's scarf 
of thel warp and silk weft

B_Covert_skein.jpg (60658 bytes)
Betty Flannigan and skein of 
thel yarn

felt boots.jpg (75270 bytes)
Felt boots, about 3/4 lb felting batts each boot.
Good for -20F

Horn_hat.jpg (61675 bytes)
Hat by Eva Lansberry 
worn by her daughter

Baby_blanket.jpg (63701 bytes)
Baby Blanket by
Eva Lansberry

Baby_blanket_2.jpg (62675 bytes)

Baby Blanket by
Eva Lansberry

Betsy_Covert_handbags.jpg (53705 bytes)
Felted purses by
Betsy Covert

Betsy_Covert_baskets.jpg (56769 bytes)
Felted baskets by
Betsy Covert

wpeF.jpg (39951 bytes)
Saddle blanket by
Linda using our warp yarn

Felted_slippers.jpg (70393 bytes)
Made with Black felting batts. Warmmmm!!

 Felt_slippers.jpg (87480 bytes)

wpe11.jpg (52879 bytes)
Fancy socks by
T. Burke

pandabyJoAnn.jpg (58921 bytes)

Met you in Rhinebeck, New York and bought half a pound of felting bats. My

daughter and I just learned how to needle felt this weekend and we're

already out of wool. Here's a picture of a momma panda and her cub I made.

Jo in NY

WendyEastonback.jpg (329655 bytes)


WendyEastonfront.jpg (293965 bytes)

Wendy Easton sweater

Ta da! Finally some pictures of my Icelandic wool sweater. It is knit in the stitch sometimes called Shaker stitch, sometimes Prime Rib, but at any rate it is a true opposite-reversible. The inside of the collar shows this reverse  side as do the sleeve cuffs. It is very thick and fluffy - and I am very happy with the results. This sweater's design (which is my own original) is the culmination of working this stitch pattern first in simple scarves, then shaped hats in order to understand how to work out the detailing of the sweater. The sweater used 4 hanks of your yarn.



icelandicfairy.jpg (71154 bytes)   icelandic.jpg (116488 bytes)   icelandicdetail.jpg (61998 bytes)
Icelandic Cats in a Hat
Jill Montgomery
Jill has offered this pattern to all knitters who would like to make this hat. 
Click here to get the pattern 

black_sweater.jpg (72497 bytes)           white_sweater.jpg (116991 bytes)
Carolyn Swaggerty Born in Scotland and has been knitting all her life. These are her first sweaters done with TRF yarn. 
If you would like her to knit for you send her an email at

Cyndi_pillow.jpg (379819 bytes)
Cyndi's pillow 
Made from home spun Icelandic lamb in white and grey 

Dawn Ann sweater reversed.jpg (132832 bytes)   Dawn Ann sweater.jpg (151416 bytes)
Dawn Ann's reversible sweater made with unwashed and handspun (in the grease) Icelandic wool. It has pockets on both sides as well as liners for the sleeves that detach and can be worn  either side out.


Sock_Vicki_Suan.jpg (147270 bytes)

Fancy sock hand knit 
with TRF sock yarn by
Viki Suan

Susan and Rug.jpg (115272 bytes) 
Susan and Rug woven from handspun and hand knit Icelandic sheep 'britch' wool

winter hat with copper concho.jpg (57235 bytes) 
Winter hat with copper concho

Spin-off.jpg (81013 bytes)
Part of this sweater is TRF lambs wool



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