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Tongue River Farm 

New yarn fresh from the mill

Sock (
sport weight) Yarn also for lace shawl knitting see below

Tongue River Farm Sock Yarn

A two ply Sport weight yarn - 1200 yds/lb, 2ply, in 1/2 lb skeins

Makes the warmest and most comfortable socks that you have ever put on your feet. This is the perfect sock yarn. the thel (undercoat) is fine and very warm. The overcoat (tog) provides wear resistance. There is no need to add nylon to your socks while knitting. Together they make the warmest most wear resistant socks you ever knitted. The yarn feels rough in the skein but blooms with washing and becomes very soft. This yarn has a nice soft luster. Non elastic, so will not stretch out. Knit elasticity into your socks by ribbing your socks, knit one, pearl one etc.

One skein will knit Approximately 2 pair of socks

Sport weight 2 ply yarn in 1/2 lb skeins

Two ply sports-weight yarn
Now in three natural colors (not dyed)

3_sock_yarn_2.jpg (118611 bytes)
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Marion Schling's Icelandic Shawl made from our sock weight yarns.

Here is what she had to say about it: I wanted to share with you what I did with some of my Icelandic sock yarn that I picked up at Rhinebeck this year. I had some from last year as well to get all the colors. The shawl pattern is from the Daily Knitter web page (interweave press), oddly enough called an Icelandic Shawl. The pattern called for lace weight but I wanted the sock weight instead and love the way it came out. I loved making it and working with your yarn. I am working on socks with some of the yarn that I have left. I used most of a ball of the white and then a lot smaller bits of two shades of gray and two shades of brown.


NEW! Fine Kid Mohair/Icelandic/Romney blend Sport weight yarn
Silky, lustrous, luxurious, soft, strong, wear resistant and beautiful!
Use for socks, shawls, warp. It has wonderful drape and a little elasticity. In all natural colors.

992 yards/lb in 8 oz skeins (skeins vary in weight)

Lovely "Sandra" Shawl made with creamy white Ice/Mo sport weight yarn. Knitted by Michelle Cahill 

Be sure to see the 
Tongue River Farm Sock Collection
Booklet of 6 (Six) different sock patterns

3_yarn_6_socks.jpg (65576 bytes)
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and the 
Patterns for these fancy socks

Nadine_feet3.jpg (157526 bytes)  Nadine_feet4.jpg (192697 bytes)
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How to order:


Bloomin' Acres Farms (Marilyn and Dennis Miles) will be marketing the remaining Tongue River Farm stock of yarns, roving, fleeces, totebags and more.
They are getting their website ready now, but would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in Tongue River products.
Bloomin' Acres website is HERE. The farm is in Lincoln, Arkansas and the phone number of the farm is 479.848.3060 or you can email them via this link.


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