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New Felting books!!


Needle Felting 
Art Techniques and Projects
Anne Einset Vickrey 
with Patricia Spark and Linda Van Alstyne

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This is a wonderful new book on needle felting written by Anne Vickrey, (who authored the wonderful wet felting book The Art of Feltmaking), Pat Spark (felting Guru) and Linda Van Alstyne. Anne has produced a book that is well written and easy to understand. She introduces you to new techniques and further understanding of this art and craft.
 The books covers:

1) An introduction to needle and dry felting
2) Safety tips
3) Equipment and materials,
4) Flat felting techniques with 2 easy projects, a heart and a star.
5) Pictorial felting techniques with Pat Spark including needling onto a prefelted background, making prefelt, designing on the prefelt and wet felting the design.
6) Sculptural Needle felting techniques including making basic shapes. Projects include making a bear, building a face and then a sun face.
7) Needle Felting Techniques with Linda Van Alstyne includes needle felting a human figure, making the body, the hands and feet and a 3 dimension head.
8) Wet and dry felting techniques with the project of making a fairy doll. 
9) Making a Scandinavian elf with Pat Spark.
10) More projects to hone your skills: Shooting star, Puffin, swan, Fantasy flowers, Lamb, Monkey, Tiny animals, puppet theatre setting, and masks felted onto a background fabric.
11) Wool related vocabulary, sources of equipment and wool and a gallery of ideas.

Books are signed by the author. Spiral bound they open up flat for usage and printed on heavy paper. This is a great book for your library and inspire you to make items that will help you value add your fleeces by making items that will sell readily.

$16.95 plus $2.75 postage 
($19.70 postpaid)

By Ayala Talpai
The Felting Needle from factory to fantasy
working wool without water & related matters
With felting needles enclosed
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Introducing the felting needle! ...a little tool adapted from industry for various hand felting and doll making procedures. This engaging book is written for a wide range of skills & ages and seasoned with asides from its author (a woman over 50). within you'll find instructions for set-up, for safety, for situations where only a felting needle can prevail, and a supply of the felting needles themselves.

This is a wonderful and clearly written book on using felting needles to make all kinds of fun things. Lots of fun.
You may order this book from us with or without your felting batt order
The price is $
18.95 plus $3.85 postage
($22.80 postpaid)



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